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Our Mission


MGEF Crest

The MG EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (MGEF) is a humanitarian organization, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others by helping those who dream and aspire to attend college meet their goals.  MGEF will bestow both moral and financial support to students completing their academic endeavors.  MGEF’s desire to make an investment in the future of students by sharing their experience and by helping those students become part of a community of focused, goal-oriented, caring, and vici-minded individuals.

The MGEF Scholarship Program is the legacy of a group of Augustana Alumni who were economically disadvantaged.  To some degree each student faced the social challenges experiences by many minority students during the 1980’s.  However, their experience cultivated a focused mind set and many students evolved with a commitment toward demonstrated academic excellence and leadership.  Through their experience they developed the MG principles: Trust, Sacrifice, Unity, Brotherhood and Pride.  Consequently, their academic experience shaped them to become “Student Ambassadors” encouraging fair and equal treatment for all.

MGEF’s guiding philosophy stresses the reciprocal nature of the MGEF Scholarship program whereby the recipient will benefit from the opportunity he/she is given to broaden their horizons.  At the same time students will contribute by making Augustana College and its surrounding community better and more diverse through their support and commitment to community focused programs.  Students with limited financial resources and those with demonstrated academic excellence will be provided the opportunity to enrich his/her life while sharing their abilities, talents and aspirations.